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With over a decade of experience working with international NGOs, civil society organizations, and research institutions I am here to help.

No task is too big or small! Please contact me for a free consultation

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What started as an idea and a small NGO in Brazil has turned into a clinic that now serves thousands of people because of Taylor's work

Dr. Luis Uip

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Do you see your organization struggling to grow and adapt? Do you think that you have a great idea but do not know how to get it started? Are you needing help expanding your network? Do you need help with development and exposure?

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Does your organization need a change? Do you need help building international partnerships? Do you need help with program implementation? Do you need help creating staff and management workshops? LGBTQ+ focused strategic planning?  Do you need help with developing strategic planning?

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I have known Taylor for several years in academic, personal, and professional settings. In all these settings, and through hard work, integrity, tenacity, and teamwork, Taylor is a dynamic and successful man who has often chosen to take the path less traveled with a commitment to serve mankind.

Tim Burcham-Burcham Solutions 

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